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40. D&AD's New Identity.

Talk about pressure � try updating the logo for an organization of Design and Art Direction professionals � that's pressure. But that's a job that Rose, a design agency in London, took upon themselves; rebranding what was known previously as the British Design and Art Direction organization. Here's an excerpt from

"The project, led by creative partners Garry Blackburn and Simon Elliott at London's Rose design consultancy retains the D&AD logo designed in 1962 by Fletcher/Forbes/Gill, but with a substantial twist. "We took the original logo and combined it with a yellow hexagon � the shape of the pencil when upended," says Blackburn. "The original marque sits in the middle of the hexagon, like the lead running through the core. The D&AD 'seal of quality' will be easily identifiable from now on." Once again, we see that a graphic solution need not be complicated to be thoughtful. I like it even though it's a little close to the One Show logo in spirit. Check out the new mark in action on the organization's website.

Reader Comments (2)

Seriously? They updated the logo by putting it on a yellow background instead of white? Am I missing something? Help me Mr. Graphicology, help me with the understandabilitude of it all.

And a second question: Why not orange?
October 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterAlster
Well - it's a pencil. I think their pencil came before the one show's pencil too. I like how the old logo makes the lead in the pencil. It is subtle, but I likey.

You can never have too much orange. Though these days I'm becoming a big fan of a soft orange mixed with a light sea foam color. That combo is nice. check it out.
October 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJJ

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