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59. Gifts Well Designed.

One of the good things about being a designer is being able to appreciate well designed gifts. There are so many floating around that I thought I would post links to some of the best I've come across in lieu of our normal links post. Who knows? Maybe they'll make your holiday wish list in time to actually get them. (I'll probably be adding to this list shortly.)

The ECOSOL Powerstick is a universal portable charging device that's sleek, small, quite handy and the grease monkey in me loves the little fuel gauge to indicate the power left to dispense.
The Teak Personal Light by those guys who make that chair you are sitting on. This light allows you to adjust the color and the intensity of the light . I am trying not to covet this little gem.
Designer Blocks by House Industries will make you want to buy two sets. One for your child and one for your office to display next to your pantone books. At $100 a set, they are on the expensive side of the building block spectrum for sure.
The Kern Sweatshirt from Veer isn't that new, but I still haven't got one yet. I do love consistent and artfully set typography, but who doesn't?
The Space Invaders Scarf is one of a series of vintage video game art clothing designed by bits 2 die 4. Though it pains me to type out their name using numbers, these scarves are still cool.
The Hulger Cell Phone Base posted on MoCo Loco's blog would look really nice on any designer's desk. You plug your cell phone into it, allowing you to enjoy a little analog/retro design time. And it has the benefit of being more comfortable on those long 'where is this relationship going?" conversations.
The Collapsible Strainer and all the pieces by Normann-Copenhagen are so well designed that it makes buying kitchen appliances feel somewhat like buying cool electronics. Pamper your inner Kitchen geek.
The BabyKeeper is something I think I'd use a lot if I had a kid. Most likely, I'd get in trouble somehow, but that's why I should not have children.
The Micro Car Kits by Mitsuoka Motors in Japan look like they'd be a blast to build.
The Taeguk Business Card Case is a little beauty of a card holder designed by artist Young Se Kim. Everyone should have a nice card holder.
Moleskin Journals are the best and every creative should have one in their back pocket just in case.
38 Wrenches in One via the Crescent� RapidRench (again with the alternative spelling garbage!) is an awesome gift, especially if you don't have a full-size garage in your loft.
Eva Solo Teamaker is one product that can drive demand just by being well designed. I want to drink more tea just loooking at it.

And just in case you nab one of these cool gifts for a friend, make sure to give it in style: Emigre Wrapping Paper and great letterpress Cards from right here in SF.

UPDATE: Core 77 just released it's 77 design gifts under $77. Check it out.

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