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81. The Bottom Rung � Chapter 1.

It's about time - I know - but I finally finished the first chapter in The Bottom Rung series. Chapter 1 (again, in no particular order) focuses on taking pride in the little projects that new creatives often are assigned. In the future I will be getting content, viewpoints and examples from higher profile talent from around the country. But for this chapter, you're stuck with a few of my own. I hope this series will be of help to those starting out in this crazy industry of ours.

Here's the introduction that was posted awhile back to get you up to speed. Soon, I'll add each chapter somewhere on the right panel for easier access. Also, I would gladly accept user submissions for future chapters as well as more examples of work that fit each subject. So drop a line. Thanks and good luck.

Reader Comments (1)

A good topic you might want to discuss is how to prepare effeciently for a job interview. I think if you take ALL the factors into consideration like portfolio issues with color, presentation of the portfolio, resume, cover letter, company research...I can really go on forever. I think that the most important part of being a young designer is knowing how to correctly prepare for the job search endeavour.

Just a thought. Were you already planning to talk about that?
March 2, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterElissa

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