123. Favorite Recent Links, Design or Otherwise.
Oct 13, 2007 at 12:05PM

officedoors.jpgI've been on travel for a few projects over the last couple weeks - so apologies for the inactivity. This week promises to be better with two new editions of the Art of Presentation series about to be posted. Look for those but in the meantime, check these out:

1. Awesome Dead-Letter Offices via AceJet170. 2. The Waterhobo via Boing Boing. 3. Switch Lightbulbs via CommonCraft. 4. Arrogance and Humility. 5. Why is Design Important? 6. Flatbush Pavilion Messages via H&FJ. 7. Right or left-brained? via Kottke.org 8. Awesome Infographic about Retail Footprints. 9. Yee-Haw Industries shop. 10. Bookcarvings via The Serif. 11. The Third Installment of the Bravia Campaign. 12. The Typophile Film Festival. 13. Embedded Web Fonts? 14. Advertising By Design. 15. And good lord, someone built their own letterpress.

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