110. Ad of the Week.
Jul 16, 2007 at 11:42AM

voyeur.jpgAs you know this post is almost never weekly and sometimes it's not even an ad, but the link for this 'week' comes from the launch of HBO's new project called voyeur – "a multimedia experience that gives you a peek into what happens behind the countless windows we pass everyday." This project was introduced to me by a good friend who works for Atmosphere BBDO in New York which partnered with HBO on the interactive and marketing end of things. The website is one of the more immersive and entertaining environments I think I've seen. You can't help spend a lot of time taking a peek and getting involved in the characters' lives... which is the whole point. This project can also be viewed via HBO on Demand, and includes a film component as well as a blog (thestorygoesdeeper.com) to reveal behind the scenes content as well as additional character info. It seems to be part tv show, part website, part HBO marketing, and part online community. And I think it's the future of entertainment. And advertising. The content is definitely HBO-esque while the design of the site is quite pleasing. It's simple, intuitive and lets the storytelling lead the way.

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