115. Ad of the Week: Hondamentalism.
Aug 8, 2007 at 04:18PM

honda.jpgThis campaign comes from the Wieden & Kennedy office from across the pond, for their client Honda. The print manages at once to be both an homage to old school layouts and an example of modern design while introducing their new campaign (See the print here.) I can almost invision the art director taping these pieces down and arranging the angles until they were perfect. It easily could have been the typical grungy, distressed fare you might see in this category - but typical isn't what W&K usually do. These executions lend an intelligent and technological crispness to Honda racing and the 'Hondamentalism' idea - which really comes alive on the website. (I love the idea that you can steal the code from their little games too - that's cool.) And Honda deserves some credit for allowing the designers to leverage the red H within their logo to stand apart as an element across all the pieces. This only sounds like a little thing, unless you are a desiger. Honda USA and their agency of record, Rubin Pastaer and Associates, have a lot to live up to indeed.

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