120. Sanna Annukka.
Sep 21, 2007 at 10:28AM

sanna.jpgYet another example of someone else having a far better designer name, Sanna Annukka's portfolio is simply amazing. (I need a few double consonants in my name.) A lot of times digital and vector art comes across as easy or even software-produced - technically called computery - but here you will find inspired, whimsical layers of design and bold colors with a unique indigenous composition. You might have seen some of her work for the band Keane - but you should really check out these three screenprints: Arctic Lake, Autumn Garden, and Sunrise. Awesome.

The half-finnish, half-english artist has been profiled in Vogue, Computer Arts and Wallpaper magazine and considers herself a printer as well as an illustrator. Keep an eye out for her new projects which include a picture book, clothing and stationary.

(Thanks to Draplin Design, co. for the tip.)

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