142. VCU Brandcenter.
Jan 14, 2008 at 04:15PM

brandcenter.jpgThe VCU Adcenter has unveiled a new name and identity today that reflects the importance of not just traditional advertising but all of marketing’s touch points. From now on, the highly regarded school will be called the VCU Brandcenter. This coincides with an address change too, from a dingy building downtown to a brand new facility near the heart of VCU’s academic campus. (More photos via rm116 can be seen here.)The new building was designed by architect, Clive Wilkinson, famous for his work for Google, Disney and some of the leading creative ad agencies and is part historic renovation and modern new construction. The new identity work is an even bigger change. Designed by David Hartman, its meaning is open to interpretation which may be quite appropriate for an ever-changing curriculum that consistently prepares graduates for an ever-changing industry. After a couple years at VCU, it’s become clear that Director Rick Boyko is not afraid of change and that he is quite adept at steering the school in a way that makes an alumni such as myself, proud. He promises that despite the change(es), VCU is "...more committed than ever to creative thinking, brilliant executions and deep collaborations. And to helping smart hard-working students become the highest caliber graduates in their fields."

I will still miss the old mark, designed under the watch of Jelly Helm. (Below:)




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