210. BPN's Don't Vote Posters.
Oct 31, 2008 at 09:51AM
I was sent this link by a coworker, and thought most of the posters were really well done and deserved an entry. I believe they were either done for or by the Portland ad agency Border Perrins Norrander (most notable for their great work for Columbia Sportswear - a client since 1978 until this spring when the relationship ended. Sad.) The posters are focused and powerful in their simplicity and for the most part, they don't take a party line and focus on the issues at hand - leaving the individual to decide for themselves. And you can download high-rez versions to put up over your cubicle/dorm/house/whatever to get your friends to vote. Yay for sharing! (Some are more edgy than others.) Remember to vote this Tuesday! Here are two of my favorites:

And here is a little banner you can spread around too:

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