205. Ad of the Week: Double-Man Stroller.
Oct 8, 2008 at 11:41AM
I could interpret this spot from Jack in the Box as being demeaning to men, reiterating the way men are usually portrayed in sitcoms – fat, dumb, irresponsible, and stupid. I could see this spot as justification for books like Save the Males. I could also review this spot as just one more example of how middle-aged white men are increasingly the only safe, politically-correct butt of jokes - since you can't make fun of anyone else. I could say a lot of things - except that the spot is simply too funny. Sometimes, you can get away with a lot if you have a good sense of comedic timing, and this spot does. What I like best is they could have stopped with putting a single guy in a large baby-stroller - but they went all out and added more ridiculousness to the idea and made it a twin, full-grown man stroller. And it's the interaction of the two 'kids' that makes it work. Love it. The first spot to make me laugh out loud in awhile. The spot was done by SecretWeapon, Jack's agency since 1993. The cool thing about SecretWeapon is that they take on no more than three clients at a time. Which I think is an interesting idea. And their work for Jack is consistently good.

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