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214. Ad of the Week: Barclay.

Oh, the halcyon days of yesterday when banks were throwing around money. It was a time when financial institutions were approving advertising that took guts (and money) to produce. This spot for Barclaycard (which functions much like your swipe-able Visa debit card) is done on a grand scale and as regular readers know – I'm a sucker for things done well, and things done large(ly.) The ad has an epic feel to it while proving a point about how easy the card is to use. It's fun. It has a catchy musical score (Bellamy Brothers song, Let Your Love Flow.) And they've posted a longer version - of the spot, not of the song of course - as well as a behind-the-scenes video, which I also approve of. (If a behind the scenes video is necessary or proves interesting to people, it's a good sign that your spot was probably creatively worthwhile.) I would wager that this concept and budget were approved pre-credit-crunch, circa sometime in June. Ugh. BBH in London is responsible for this work, and the spot was directed by Peter Thwaites.

Official :60 Spot:

Unofficial 1:54 Spot:


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Reader Comments (1)

That's an amusing concept... Liable to catch the attention of the commercial-skippers too.
December 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterBen Lawson

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