215. Return of the Links.
Nov 23, 2008 at 11:39AM

Back in the blogger days of graphicology - I would post what I creatively called: Monday links - an assorted and varied compilation of design articles, projects, stories and anything else that I found interesting for those of a curious mind. The last few weeks have been crazy - ridiculously crazy busy - so the blog has taken a backseat. But I'm back on track and ready to get going again. To start, here's a short list of the things I found interesting over the last few weeks, just in case you missed them. And - if anyone out there has a hankering to do this whole blogging thing - I'm looking for someone who can add a different perspective on communication design - and maybe not misspell things as often as I do. Ha.

Here's the links:

  1. Very powerful. Very simple. You don't even need to be able to read Chinese to get it. (Link)
  2. The War Ends as reported by The New York Times in 2009. And The New York Times' response.
  3. 1969 Sessions of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. Pretty cool.
  4. Maybe the worst 'billboard' placement ever. Sheesh. For the next World Cup.
  5. The St. Louis Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. Wow - check out those portraits.
  6. Las Vegas Neon graveyard shots. And more here.
  7. Love the Nike Considered work from HunterGatherer (find it on the left.)
  8. Excellent article on the branding of Polaroid. And related: Poladroid.
  9. Crazy - election winner by county - in 3D. (link.)
  10. Maybe my favorite project I've seen all year. Love it.
  11. Meant to blog about this - it's interesting. Quarter Pounder.
  12. I really like this simple design solution. (link.)
  13. This looks like it's going to be surprisingly good. The Wrestler.


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