213. Old Basketball Uniform Catalog.
Nov 8, 2008 at 01:59PM

I played a lot of basketball when I was a kid growing up in the middle of nowhere. Basketball is great because you can do it with friends or alone - all you need is a ball. Even the hoop is optional if you have an old bike rim sitting around somewhere. After a few years, I got to be pretty good; barely making my seventh grade team and starting my eighth grade year. But it was this year that I remember having to wear some of the shortest shorts I have ever seen in my life. Our school wasn't blessed with a huge uniform budget apparently, so we had to wear shorts that must have come from the sixties. Not only were they short, they were decorated with four thick stripes of alternating horizontal stripes of red and black. Like a bumblebee only red. Obviously, it was a traumatic experience. All this came roaring back to my consciousness as I read this post from the always entertaining uniwatchblog, featuring pages from a 1961 Basketball Uniform Catalog.

It's a weird look back into time, when apparently only white people played basketball.

Special Orders:

The risque ladies unis:


Though, I'm not sure these are worse than the new OKC Thunder uniforms. (That type is all sorts of awkward.)

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