221. Ad of the Week: Mini.
Dec 15, 2008 at 07:33PM
Crispin and now BSSP have done a lot of nice work for Mini, but this creative comes from across the pond in Germany. And it's an interesting mix of print ad and interactive piece that offers a new way to look at a mini from all angles. From AutoBlog, "The specially-designed MINI ad is able to interact with your webcam using technology called Augmented Reality. Simply log onto the URL printed on the ad, follow the instructions (in German), and voila! You have a realistic 3D model of the new MINI Convertible."

To try it yourself, you'll need a decent windows machine and one that's using microsoft explorer. (I think.) I haven't yet made it work, but I'm trying. Here's the ad, which you can print out. And here's the site. It doesn't offer anything new in terms of content, but the delivery is really cool. To move the 3D mini, you simply move the ad and the vehicle responds to your movements using the webcam. The technology limits the users a bit, but well done.

Mac folks can try the technology out here on a different project here. (via Autoblog via thefutureofads) And for more behind the technology visit Metaio.

Here's a video of the Mini Ad in action.

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