223. Greenville Drive Holiday Campaign.
Dec 18, 2008 at 06:07PM

I am not in the habit of posting any personal work on this site - mainly, b/c that's not the purpose of graphicology. However, we've (Hill Holliday's Erwin-Penland) just recently finished producing a humble little campaign for our local minor league baseball team. And I'm proud of the results.

We came up with a twist on an old holiday movie favorite, A Christmas Story. Taking five memorable scenes from the movie and giving them a baseball twist, we are reminding people that they can 'Make it a Baseball Story" this year by buying season tickets and merchandise for the 2009 season. To reference one of my favorite films was a lot of fun, and to do it in a relevant manner for a client that I like, was equally gratifying. People know this movie well and I believe this parody is done intelligently and hopefully with no small measure of wit and charm.

I should also mention we didn't spend very much money and had a lot of help from many talented and gracious folks. (People at a lot of larger agencies would laugh at the pocket change we had as a budget.) I even wrote a few small personal checks to complete the campaign, adding a fifth execution that seemed to complete the set. My CD, Andy Mendelsohn, helped by deciding that we only present this single idea - ala Mad Men. (Very cool and rare these days.) The client played a part in recognizing a good idea and being willing to spend a little money where none was previously budgeted. The talent agency gave us a great deal on the one paid talent we used - our Ralphie ringer. And our photographer, Lon Murdick worked for peanuts. Well, actually a little Cuban lunch of chicken and black bleans with rice. (That's livin' right Lon?) It was a true labor of love. Had we access to a million dollars, the ads might be a little different here and there, though I'm not sure I would like them as much. Special thanks to our inhouse prop guy, Tony Lowe - who fabricated the leg out of a mannequin and a little fiberglass. (The lamp has just a little butt cheek, just like the original. Now, that's attention to detail!)

What's nice from a personal / creative standpoint, is that this project was one of many during a particularly busy time. I ended up concepting late one Sunday night - talking with my writing partner (Julian Levy) over the phone - and having to solve it while working on other larger, maybe more prominent projects. This one could have easily slipped through the cracks. But we saved it. Which is a really good feeling. People seem to be enjoying them. They are even a finalist in the National Sports Forum Adchievement Awards - nothing big in the advertising world, but huge in the sports marketing arena. Our little idea is the only 'minor league' client in the bunch and we're going up against work for the Houston Texans, Milwaukee Brewers, NFL PLAYERS and the Oakland A's among others. Not bad for a little team from Greenville. We'll see how it does come January, and hopefully we'll get a little more pub from other places too. (Our unrelated radio campaign - chatter guy - is a finalist in the radio category. I'm proud of that too - but had nothing to do with it at all.)

HERE are the FINAL ADS, but if you are like me - sometimes the behind-the-scenes stuff is even more interesting. So, I've posted that below. My only regret is not being able to do TV or viral video with this idea. I would have loved to reenact the 'Fuuuuuuudge' scene with peanuts or soda at the game. Alas. (Oh, and you'll need to know that the team mascot is frog.)

Here's the original germ of the idea:

Here are the sketches as presented:

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