224. Live-Blogging The Super Bowl Ads.
Dec 20, 2008 at 07:15PM

I'm going to try out something new on graphicology – live-blogging. And I figured what better event to try it out on than the Super Bowl? I have a passion for advertising that functions more like a love/hate relationship, and I think I have a unique perspective that is worth sharing and hopefully equally entertaining. So using a service called coveritlive, I'm going to be giving my thoughts on the spots as they are played during the NFL's championship game on February 1, starting around 6:15pm EST. Right here on Graphicology: Graphicology's Super Bowl Live Ad Blog. I'm not sure how it's all going to work out, but I would love to get as many readers as possible to sign up and participate on game day. I'll try to make it a fun and informative way to enjoy the big game / cultural event. Readers will be able to comment and vote on polls while following along, and all you have to do is come to this site. Everything else will be taken care of. Should be a blast. I may try to have a special guest co-blogger - but I'm not sure yet. I'll keep you posted. If you can't make the live blog, you'll be able to view it after the event is over - which I think is a nice little feature.

If you take a gander to the panel on the right, you can sign up for an event reminder. If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to make this more enjoyable - I'm all ears. Or eyes rather. More info as it comes.

Oh, one more thing - if you are planning on logging in, why not let me know so I can get a feel for how much support there is for this event. Use the contact us link on the top right of the blog. Thanks!


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