218. Quantum of Solace Opening Credits.
Dec 6, 2008 at 05:58PM
I usually wait a little while before I go see a movie. I'm not much for cramming into a packed theater to catch a show on the opening weekend. I'm patient. I like to go on odd nights when no one is there. This past week I caught Quantum of Solace, the most recent Bond flick starring Daniel Craig. Now, the movie was alright. A lot of action, but nothing that great. The title sequence however was awesome. Designed by MK12 in Kansas City, the opening credits feature great type, awesome particle motion design (the bond girls come back within the sandy landscape) and I also found the color work extremely pleasing. The design is flawlessly executed and feels like a modern interpretation of the old Bond movie credits. (The Jack White soundtrack, however, was just okay.) And there's even a part in the middle where I thought I saw Don Drapper falling into the depths of Madison Avenue. Ha.

There was a focus on typography throughout the entire movie too, as each major scene was introduced with type that was meant to fit the location in which it was set. Turns out these location cards were done by tomato in the UK. I appreciate the attention to detail, even if a few of them feel a bit exaggerated in the exact font selection. Particularly the Russian slide. (The Austria and Siena designs are probably my favs.) View them below.

Opening Sequence:

MK12 talks about their work:

Location Cards:

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