156. Compfight.
Mar 17, 2008 at 09:11AM

compfight.jpgA former student of mine, is half the partnership behind a nifty little photo search engine called Compfight. Though not affiliated with flickr, it makes great use of their API, allowing users to search the entire flickr library of photos. You can search tags only or all text (simply by clicking the button next to the search form at the top), you can search for images covered by the Creative Commons license, and a user can enable a safe search feature, which is handy while at work. One particular feature of note is the blue bar which indicates that flickr is holding an original photo and when moused on (and briefly held) the bar displays the pixel dimensions. Compfight is quite handy when trying to find an FPO image for a project or to simply see what’s out there in a more user-friendly format. Check it out.

The handy blue bar feature:



A sample search: stop signs. 


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