152. One Page Magazine.
Mar 3, 2008 at 09:30AM

1page.jpgThe relationship between advertisers and content of major publications is put on display at One Page Magazine. A very simple idea, they’ve overlapped each advertiser’s logo, as they appear on their respective page. My favorite is Vogue (below) which demonstrates how little content the magazine actually contains as well as major fashion companies’ love for large logotypes. Both factors render the top and bottom of the piece as an almost completely black clog. Now, I just wish they’d do one for Men’s Health or GQ – I’m pretty sure it would end up being a field of black. (Seriously, the first 32 pages of GQ are ad spreads for cologne and clothing and whatever else. The table of contents page is on page 50 or something.) One page also does a similar thing with article titles, which is also interesting but somewhat less meaningful. Very cool. (I bookmarked this on friday and forgot the source, so apologies.)






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