164. Excelsior 1968 by Robot Johnny.
Apr 17, 2008 at 08:25AM

excelsior1968.jpgEasily one of the coolest illustration projects ever, John Martz, aka Robot Johnny, took his mother's 1968 yearbook and redrew all the student portraits. The artist said this about the project, "Good cartooning, to me, is all about simplification, and this was a fun experiment in distilling each person’s likeness down to a simple cartoon version and learning to draw efficiently, with both speed and as few details as possible." You can view the entire contents on flickr or even buy the book from his online shop. Incidentally, Robot Johnny is the editor of the popular illustration blog Drawn!. I think this would be a great excercise for students in an illustration/design program.


Here is a pic to whet the ol' appetite:



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