162. We. And Me.
Apr 7, 2008 at 04:08PM

we.jpgThe Alliance for Climate Protection, Al Gore’s non-profit advocacy group dealing with global warming, has launched their program identity and campaign. Produced by The Martin Agency (think Geico, UPS and now Wal-Mart) and design consultant Brian Collins, the program deals with the idea of ‘We’ and ‘Me.’ It’s an interesting concept – strong in its simplicity and execution much like the ongoing (RED) and One campaigns. That’s a good thing. However from a design perspective, I feel like the actual craft of the logo is somewhat unfinished. I am left wanting more balance between the we and the me - a better graphic resolution somehow. As it stands now – even if you rotate the logo it still doesn’t read perfectly. Generally, I enjoy giving the audience some credit for figuring things out, but when they figure this out they realize it never actually works. There must be a better visual solution for the concept. Maybe the logo simply needed another round of design? That being said, I think it is good enough to be a successful anchor to a campaign that is tackling one of the biggest issues humanity has ever faced. Here's the NY Times article that I found yesterday.



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