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163. Ad of the Week: Absolut Mexico.

absolut.jpgBrand Managers sometimes need a reminder that we no longer live in the world of 1990. Today, we’re more connected to the rest of the world via the internet and what a brand does today in Beijing could just as easily come back to bite them tomorrow in New York. This fact requires more consistency, and dare I say character, for our global brands. You can’t be one thing here, and a completely different thing there. Our ad of the week is one such reminder. For part of their In An Absolute World campaign, Absolut has been running a print ad (below) showing the southwestern United States as part of Mexico, that some north of the border have found offensive. (Some would argue this border is more accurate, but I digress.) Amid a call for a US boycott, the Swedish vodka maker issued a formal apology and pulled the ad from circulation. Personally, I think it’s pretty stupid to act surprised that someone found this and passed it along to their friends in the states when email or facebook or flickr or whatever web 2.0 application is so readily available – but Absolut genuinely appears to be caught with their pants down. I think I would respect them more if they just told people to 'go get a sense of humor' instead of backtracking. They didn’t know that this would get around? Or maybe they did and it’s a way to get some pub, albeit of the mostly negative variety.

The campaign was created by Teran|TBWA.

Here it is: 



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