169. Pontiac's SpyHunter Spot.
May 29, 2008 at 04:30PM
pontiacg8.jpgYou probably have seen Pontiac's SpyHunter ad recently, featuring effects straight out of the video game and the new Pontiac G8. This spot definitely got the attention of every 25 - 35 year old who can rememeber getting arcade/nintendo-thumb while dodging oil slicks and avoiding helicopters while racing for time in this classic video game. The spot is well done but I've recently come across a short making of video that is entertaining and helps one appreciate the final result a bit more. (both the ad and making of video are embedded below.) Created by Leo Burnett Detroit and effects house SWAY, this spot features the car as hero - just the like the game that inspired it. Well done. In typical graphicology style, I'm also attaching another ad from Pontiac that takes direct aim at the small performance sedan market leader, BMW. It's a rare, on the offensive spot and although I'm not sure I'm convinced – I am intrigued. If nothing else, Pontiac is trying to be relevant again and that has to mean something.

2008 Pontiac G8 SpyHunterSpot

Making of Video:

And the Attack Ad:

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