174. Dunkin' Donuts Retail Experience.
Jun 18, 2008 at 02:34PM

dd.jpgAwhile back, we blogged about Far Coast coffee, Coca-Cola’s attempt to bring a different feel to the coffee shop experience. The interior space, fabrics, posters, packaging and lighting all contributed to a fairly sophisticated vibe. No doubt it was an expensive concept to implement. Another approach to the coffee shop is being driven by Dunkin’ Donuts. They’ve recently began to update their retail look, with new stores popping up all over here in the south. And although not nearly as exquisite/pricey as Far Coast, the result is just as unified and consistent. The exteriors of the stores communicate more as a graphic than as architecture, making the traditional road-side signs almost unnecessary. The interiors are bright, spacious and offer plenty of seating while the counter/menu area is pleasantly simplified. Little details abound such as the DD door handles, the pink and yellow paper under the doughnuts, and the America Runs on Dunkin icons. Overall, they’ve managed to update their look without losing those intangibles that made them who they are; which is a tough thing to do. Take a look at the pics here. (In full disclosure, my agency is part of Hill Holliday, which has DD as a client.)


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Time just published a short article about typography and restaurant menus. Somewhat related.

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