171. Poster Offensive.
Jun 7, 2008 at 06:16PM

posteroffensive.jpgYou should check out Poster Offensive, an organization that is trying to use the poster to promote peace and democracy. In their own words, “...the show acts as an independent, nonpartisan collection of contemporary interpretations of political dissent, social awareness and hopefully unfettered optimism.” Based out of Minnesota the organization has three archive galleries and a bound collection of work by well-known and lesser known artists alike. You can view and then download any poster you choose, which is a nice feature since the whole point of doing a poster like this is for as many people to see it and use it as possible. I’ve pulled a few of my favorites, chosen more for their artistry than how much I agree with their point. There are probably too many anti-Bush pieces (though that is more than understandable), but a few jewels that tackle other issues as well. (All images courtesy of their gallery and credits can be found there as well.)








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