183. A Call to Arms.
Jul 18, 2008 at 09:40AM

patriot.jpgI’m liking this work from Michael Bierut and the Canary Project, that was posted on the buses of Cleveland – his hometown. Riding the bus, for a long time anyway, was something that poor people who couldn’t afford a car or college students did. But this call to be a green patriot gives people permission to feel good about it as well as empowering others to do the same. I also think there is an undercurrent contrasting this type of patriotism versus the ‘patriotic’ ribbons adorning the eye-level bumpers of SUVs across America, though I’m unsure if this was intended or merely happenstance. The design is understated yet bold and implementing the green militiaman sillhouette gives the project the immediacy it deserves, a call to arms as it were. (Images via Pentagram where you can see more samples.) There is also a website, where others can join in and make a poster, get involved, donate or take action in their community in the name of energy independence and climate change.

Be A Green Patriot:



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