179. 2008 TDC Winners.
Jul 8, 2008 at 12:38PM

kimera.jpgA little late on this one, admittedly, but it’s always an important award to review. The 2008 winners of the TDC2 contest are up on the site and this year’s winners are more global than past years – or so it seems. There are a couple arabic winners to go along with a few other non-latin faces, all worth checking out. It's great to see such an international vibe to the winning entries. I always have a personal favorite, and this year it’s Presidencia by Kimera Design (really the work of Gabriel Martinez Meave) out of Mexico City. This is a great find, because it lead me into their website, which led me to their type website, which has a lot of unique type-related information and links. I love that they have sketches of their process to review, in addition to a slew of great custom type families at which to gawk. I’m more than happy to help this work get more publicity and I love going down a link trail to find such good stuff at the end.

A sample sketch:



An early sketch of Lagarto, a favorite face from Kimera:



Full type specimen of Presidencia, the TDC2 2008 winner:



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