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188. Benny Cooperman Covers.

Penguin Canada recently hired HandsDesign to freshen up the look of the popular detective series Benny Cooperman written by Toronto author Howard Engel. Penguin is re-releasing the 12 books and hoped to have a design that modernized the somewhat dull reputation of the genre.

The Series:

Karin Hands, Creative Director of HandsDesign, describes the inspiration behind the project - a direct quote from DesignEdge – Canada: “I had the idea of a kind of Saul Bass style, as he’s renowned for his kind of detective style movie credits and things he’s done,” says Hands. “I though it fit in quite well, a quirky fun version of that detective feel. The style of writing is kind of a Dick Tracy-style writing anyway where it’s more poking fun at the genre, kind of riding along with it in a fun romp kind of way. I thought I’d do the same with the design by riding along with it and having a bit of fun with it.”

The Series, whole covers:

Each book has an illustration and type design that works for the singular story, but also fits into the group as a whole. What I like best about the cover design, is that you can just tell that the designers had a blast working on this project – and that is always a good thing. You can read more on Design Edge or on The Canadian Design Resource. And just to be thorough, this is what the covers looked like beforehand. (Pun embarassingly intended.) I wonder which ones I'd be more likely to pick up off the shelf?


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