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190. Everything is OK.

I really like this design/social experiment called Everything is OK. It’s both a positive reaction to all the problems in the world, as well as a condemnation that we’re not really doing enough, all at the same time. The activist kit includes stickers, decals and a few other elements, but most notably it takes the form of police barricade tape, except the words ‘do not cross’ are replaced with ‘everything is ok.’ The kit encourages social commentary depending upon where it’s used, making the medium but also the environment the message. The design itself is really strong, borrowing from caution signage and warning language – but the sarcasm directed towards mediocrity is the more powerful and important element. After all, who wants to be just OK? Imagine this placed around a New Orleans neighborhood still struggling to cope with the after-effects of Katrina, and you begin to see the point. Sort of a design - meets commentary - meets interactive - meets art piece. Anything that can help foster a real conversation about the more challenging topics of today, I like.

Activist Kit:

(Top photo courtesy of a creative commons license – link.)


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