192. New Ford Mustang.
Aug 27, 2008 at 09:19PM

This is a logo update of a slightly different sort. Today, Ford announced a new look for their 2010 Mustang badge. It's fairly unusual that a car company would send out a press release for a simple identity update, but they did. The car won't be released for quite some time, but the new Mustang logo may hint at what's to come in the vehicle. The badge is more crafted, with crisp edges and a more modern profile - the horse has apparently been to they gym. There's nothing here to dislike, it's both respectful to the car's heritage as well as competitively designed for today's auto/design landscape.

From the press release, "We wanted to give the Mustang pony a more realistic feel,” said Douglas Gaffka, chief designer for the 2010 Mustang. “We lifted the head to make the pony more proud, tipped the neck into the wind to give it a feeling of greater speed and better balance. It’s more chiseled and more defined and looks more like a wild horse,” Gaffka added. “It’s more realistic in terms of proportion to an actual Mustang.”

A comparison:


The Original 1964 Pony:


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