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197. Mexican Mail Pink and Green.

The same press release is being covered in a million other places announcing the changing Identity of the Mexican Post Office. Apparently, it has a reputation of being slow and unreliable and they decided to change their color palette from blue/red to a pink/lime green combination. The new look also features a white carrier pigeon clutching an envelope. Not subtle, that's for sure - but I'm not certain how that's supposed to fix shoddy customer service. I have included the three small pictures included in the release. If anyone has the old logo, or more information - please let me know. I think the color palette is bold and I applaud that, but it's unfortunate that the pigeon and the rest of the symbol are so sloppy and un-crafted. There are some weird shapes going on in there.

(This was the best coverage of the news release that I found.)

New Look:

Not Looking Confident At All:

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