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195. PostSpectacular Dynamic Book Designs.

London-based design studio, PostSpectacular, has a great post on their site about a new set of generative book covers they designed for Faber & Faber, a British publisher. The studio was commissioned to design a software system that would generate complete (and unique) book covers on demand, within predetermined design specs. They worked with Marian Bantjes - who is somehow involved in everything that is cool right now - to design a template, and then basically dissected it into little pieces that the software would rearrange. Crazy - but an interesting collaboration between artists and technology. Read more here.

A Few of the Covers:


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Reader Comments (2)

So this Marian Banjtes...I love her work, it is beautiful, but she is cut throat and all business isn't she?! When I was reading our text book her essays were very smart and to the bs from her!
September 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterSavannah
she is the real deal.
September 7, 2008 | Registered Commenterjj

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