201. This stuff is a real bummer.
Sep 23, 2008 at 08:12AM
I'm not one to spar over political affiliations, but certainly an open discussion of current events is vital to a healthy democracy/republic. Take the war in Iraq, and the cost to wage it. The folks over at GOOD have put together a motion-graphics presentation of the monetary costs, which is almost impossible to fathom. GOOD may be a bit biased in their presentation of some issues, but if nothing else the information shows that it is a more expensive price tag than what we were once told. By a lot. And something else to consider when discussing monetary costs - is value. Would we feel better about this expense were we protecting the unprotected in Darfur? Or waging a more altruistic campaign in another trouble spot? Rebuilding Levees in New Orleans? Or heck, just paying down our national debt?

From a design standpoint the graphics are clean and quickly communicate the necessary information as the narrative progresses. The animation is no more than what it has to be, letting the information take center stage, much like well-designed type lets the meaning stand in front of the letterforms. The color palette is somewhat patriotic to a bitter effect and the motion kicks in to add not distract. Watch it here. Between this and the financial bailout mess - well, it's a mess. Some stills to study:

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