273. Chrysler's New Logo
Nov 3, 2009 at 03:00PM

Normally, my goal for Graphicology is to be more in-depth, more reflective on design than just posting quick links to design stuff. There is more than enough of that going on, but this entry is a admittedly different. Chrysler filed a few patents and paperwork recently and are about to give a 5 year plan presentation and it appears that this might be a their new identity. This is the biggest and clearest version of it that I can find, so I'm posting it. (Right/Control click on the image above to download a larger though still pixelated version.)

Most people will come out hating this, I think. Maybe justifiably. For me however—even though it feels a bit Aston-Martinish (as reported via AutoBlog)— I like it's stance. I like the long, squat & anchored feel of it. That's not necessarily an approval by any means. I just think the 'feel' of the mark communicates something automotive on a instinctual level that I like even though the wings have very little to do with anything and the elements once broken down, break down. This early image isn't good enough to evaluate the typography, but I bet it's respectable enough. As soon as we have a clearer version, we'll go more indepth. Or I'll just link you to Armin's thoughts over at BrandNew. Ha. More new identity design will be forthcoming from Dodge too.

On a somewhat unrelated note, anyone else notice how handsome the new Ford Taurus is looking these days? Especially the SHO. It's come a long way since 2000/01 when my friend and I coined the Taurus Wagon and the Pontiac Aztek the two ugliest cars in the world. Well done Ford. Well done.

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