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229. Super Bowl Ad Live-Blog Recap.

Well, now that was fun. We just finished up a marathon five hour live-blog covering this year's Super Bowl spots and it was a blast. Special thanks to the expert panelists: Louie Moses, Kash Sree, Kevin Lynch, Cabell Harris and Josh Denberg. You guys were great. Also to all those who attended and commented.

I learned a lot, and think next time will be even better.

Tomorrow morning will bring the annual USA Today ad tracker - which I usually find to be a bit off, but i wanted to post my superlatives and links to the spots while it's all fresh.You can see all the spots here.

Best Overall Idea: Miller High Life's 1 second ad. It's a brilliant idea that I wish I had done. I do think the way it was leverage was a tad weak - most folks on the live-blog missed it. I thought they should have ran 30 of them throughout the game. I do hope they continue to run these spots, but in order for them to be effective you really need to run at least 15 in a given program or event. View the spot below and 'rejected' spots here. And while we're on this campaign, I really like the beer guy in these spots. I don't knowwhat it is about him, but I find him totally believable and likable.

Best Use of Musical Score: This is a tie between Bridgestone's use of House of Pain's Jump Around and Pepsi's use of Dylan's/Will. I. Am's Forever Young.

The Annual Let's Use a Monkey Award: Goes to Castrol Edge.

Most Epic: Audi's Progress is Beautiful spot using Jason Statham.

Most Controversial: Cheetos Spoiled Girl Spot. This spot generated a lot of responses on the live-blog but it was split down the middle for the yays and nays.

Tasteless Spot of the Game: We should just rename this the Godaddy category. Year after year they use the same lame approach. And it was soundly booo'd on the blog.

Prettiest: Coke has been doing some visually stunning work lately, and this spot is no different. I don't necessarily think it's great - but it's fun to look at.

Most Timely: Also goes to Coke. They always seem to have their pulse on what's going on in the world and even though it's a bit sweet for my tastes, it's something we all probably feel in the age of IM, txt, and well - live-blogs.

Best Regional Spot Not Everyone Saw: Jack in the Box's spot that showed Jack getting hit by a bus.

My Favorite: CareerBuilder's spot. It says it all. Though the repitition can be a bit annoying, it works to prove a point. It was generally very well received during the live-blog.

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Reader Comments (5)

and the crowd agrees with the results! Thanks for pulling this off, Jason. Loads of fun, and really well orchestrated :)
February 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterStephen
I was thoroughly unimpressed by this year's ads. I remarked last year that Super Bowl ads are in general over, and I think this year only punctuates my sentiments.

A specific thumbs down to all the spots which take place in a boring, white-cubicle office. I counted at least 5, and I wasn't watching too closely. We get it, office like stinks; let's move on to a new subject for satire.
February 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPrescott Perez-Fox
Prescott - i don't disagree. I can't remember the time when the spots throughout the whole game were consistently good.
February 2, 2009 | Registered Commenterjj
No Hulu? Was my favorite.
February 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSriram Venkitachalam
Ironic... that is exactly how I felt when I worked AT!

Well done ad, though.
April 21, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterd from chicago

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