232. Vitamin Water
Feb 23, 2009 at 09:20PM

By now maybe you’ve heard that Vitamin Water is producing and advertisement to run during the NCAA Basketball Tournament featuring Christian Laettner and Rick Pitino. Those of you who are sports enthusiast will know that on March 28, 1992 in Philadelphia during the NCAA East Regional Finals Laettner hit the game winning shot for Duke against the then Pitino coached Kentucky team.

Duke was the defending NCAA champion and Kentucky was returning to power after a three year NCAA probation. In the second half of the game Kentucky had made an amazing come back to send the game into overtime. During the final 31.5 seconds of overtime the ball changed positions five times, with each possession resulting in a lead change.

With 2.1 seconds left and Kentucky up 103-102 Laettner catches down court pass at the top of the key, turns and the rest is college basketball lore. Duke wins 103-104 in what some consider the greatest college basketball game ever.

So,  seventeen years later Vitamin Water is lampooning the event. Pitino plays Laettner’s next-door neighbor. Laettner apparently torments Pitino around his house by making the “shot” over and over again with everyday items.  

It appears to be quite entertaining for all except for maybe Kentucky Wildcat fans.  By the way, Rick Pitino is now the head coach for Kentucky’s in-state rival the University of Louisville…double ouch!


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