237. Ad of the Week: Stella Artois.
Mar 28, 2009 at 06:52PM
This is one of the few advertising-related pieces I have seen in awhile that I thought noteworthy - or more accurately - postworthy; Stella Artois' Smooth Original films. First, an intro from the site, "Ah, le cinéma! Remember the days when men were strong and silent, women were chic and sophistiqué, and the action was as smooth as our 4% triple filtered beer? Formidable! At Stella Artois, we have gone back in time to rediscover these films – the originals, before Hollywood did to them what Hollywood, sadly, does. Vive le cinéma triple filter!"

For this online campaign, they've posted trailers and short films of the 'smooth original' versions of three films: Die Hard (Dial Hard), 24 Hours (24 Heures), and a hilarious take on 8 Mile (8 Kilometres). All definitely worth a view. You can download the movie posters and watch the films at smoothoriginals.com. This mini-campaign fits into their larger marketing approach that emphasizes their tagline, Smooth Original, while maintaining a film aesthetic. For instance, the Stella Artois main website and a good deal of their advertising conveys a classic French film vibe. What I like about this body of work is that it at once takes itself seriously without taking itself too seriously. (If that even makes sense.) All of their stuff looks great. These three 60's style parodies are no different and are exactly viral in the way that every advertiser wants. In 8 kilometres, 2 poets face off in a battle of rhyme that pokes fun at the 'battles' featured in 8 Mile. Monte Carlo in the house.

Here's the 8 Kilometres' Poster:

Here's the 8 Kilometres' Trailer:

And for giggles the 8 Mile trailer:

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