235. Healthy Choice Logo and Packaging.
Mar 9, 2009 at 12:00PM

Looks like the folks at Healthy Choice have decided to redesign not only their logo but their packaging as well. I think that their look has been long overdue for a new approach, as the old logo - with its jogger - has looked quite outdated for awhile, especially in comparison to Lean Cuisine and all the other frozen entree companies.

Logo Comparison:

The new identity is curvier and uses fewer elements. Gone is the jogger. (And I don't think this is one of those elements that have a ton of equity like the straw-in-the-orange of Tropicana. So it's okay.) Gone are the upper and lower bars. And gone are the serifs. In their place is a very casual, two-toned, seemingly custom sans serif with a big exclamation mark serving as both the 'l' in healthy and the dot of the 'i' in choice. And it is the latter with which I have the most complaints. It just seems to be a little easy or cliche and it reminds me - and I hate to admit that I remember this - of a cheap perfume that was marketing to girls in the 80's called, exclamation. Look it up. I don't think it buys anything for HC other than a graphic gimmick to use throughout their marketing. But context is everything and maybe it will be handled well. Time will tell. I think the 't' gets a bit lost in the word healthy, but otherwise don't mind the custom descender and terminals.

Going with a lighter, cleaner approach on the packaging makes a lot of sense - though I'm not sure if it will stand out as much on the shelf as everyone seems to be going in this direction. The green gradient was easy to spot and they might be losing a bit of that instant recognition in lieu of an updated appeal. The food photography that I've seen does appear to be a step above that of the old boxes, and the callouts though maybe not elegant - do the job even if it's using the punctuation mark again. It also appears that the entrees have been reformulated to match current restaurant/grocery trends, and that makes the rebrand more important - as it is announcing their new items.

Overall, it appears to be a good progression from the old look strictly in terms of design. It literally feels like a healthier choice. I just wonder though, if everyone is going in this general 'Martha Stewart-esque' direction how one brand will stand out from the next in the freezer section. And I don't think the exclamation mark is the answer, which is handled a little differently on the boxes everytime I see it. Check out their site for a more comprehensive taste of the work. (Pun not intended.) I'm still trying to figure out what studio/agency is responsible, and would appreciate any tips.

Old Packaging:

New Packaging:

And for a more thorough comparison:

Update on Mar 17, 2009 at 07:03PM by Registered Commenterjj

Here is the contest submission that 'wasn't used' under very shady circumstances. This redesign is unfolding a little bit like a soap opera.


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