242. Newark Gateways by Pentagram.
Apr 17, 2009 at 02:28PM

Now this is some cool thinking. Pentagram architects were invited by the City of Newark, NJ (the home of... well, the home of 'just passing through, thanks') to submit a proposal for “This Is Newark,” an initiative to create a series of gateways for the city. Not just content to do signage or simple information graphics, the architects came up with an innovative approach that fits perfectly with the city's identity of a transportation hub. From their site: "With paint and little else, Newark can define itself, celebrate its entry points, and address a global audience, all in one stroke. The painted “events” are visible and engaging on Google Earth, while the real locations would be signed with images from above that explain the colors and patterns on the ground.

On the ground, you'd see huge swaths of paint, similar to what you now see on the street at crosswalks but brighter. And when viewed from above (either from Google Earth, a tall building or an airplane form Newark International) they form a symbol, which would fit into a series of such symbols all across the city - at key entry points. This is an identity project on a huge scale, but has the potential to be a totally unique solution and help bring some personality to Newark. Currently, this is just a proposal and has to go through what I imagine is a thoroughly exhausting process in order to be approved. In the meantime we can get excited about the possibility of it coming to fruition. Read more on Pentagram's site.

On the ground:


From the sky:


The series of symbols:

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