264. Breakfast at Sulimay's - Music Reviews.
Jul 18, 2009 at 07:19PM
File this under the wish I had thought of that category. Via Woodshop Films, Breakfast at Sulimay's features three older diner patrons who review contemporary music releases. Joe, Bill and Ann rate music from such artists as MF Doom, the Decemberists, The Cold War Kids, Yo Le Tango and others while drinking a cup of coffee at the Philadelphia establishment, Sulimay's. You get the idea right from the start, but these may just be the best, most charming, and sometimes brutally accurate critiques I have heard in awhile. For instance, when reviewing Mistaken for Strangers by The National, Joe quips, "...it sounds like every man for themselves" and goes on to describe how the song seamed all jumbled up and overpowering compared to the singer. I also found their review of MF Doom and his use of the N word compelling in a demographic sort of way.

Interesting enough, I think this would make an excellent TV show though it only lives on the internet for now. From the site, "Woodshop Films is an independently owned multimedia company housed in a working woodshop in Philadelphia, PA. Founded by artist Marc Brodzik, the company serves as a think tank for the creation and production of cutting edge documentary films and multimedia work pieces." Not sure about their other offerings, but I do like this one. I also know a certain restaurant chain that this would have been a perfect idea for, alas.

Please note, that although these folks collect social security checks they DO have a fondness for the swears. And then there's the music. Just sayin'.

Breakfast at Sulimay's First Episode:

Breakfast at Sulimay's Episode 13:

Breakfast at Sulimay's Lost Episode:

Thanks to David Baldwin for the tip. David doesn't remember this, but he once gave a pretty solid review of my portfolio during One Show week about 8 years ago. He was tough, but found some stuff to really like and it meant a lot to me, b/c I respected his shop.
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