265. Ad of the Week: Lee Jeans
Jul 31, 2009 at 09:38AM
Not sure I would ever have thought Lee Jeans would be highlighted here on Graphicology, but this timely gem is worth discussing. It doesn't need too much of a lead-in unless you didn't see our Commander in Chief and his mom jeans during the MLB All-Star Game earlier this month. This was a big deal as you can read here. and here.

The Offending Mom Jeans:

Yesterday, the Lee Jeans company jumped on the opportunity to write a letter to The President, extolling the virtues of their jeans in an ad that ran in the New York Times. Now, I think the ad would have been far more powerful had it run a couple weeks ago and the copy could have been a bit more punchy — but it's still a nice, visible way to get a little buzz for their brand. Maybe this will go a long way to convince consumers that Lee doesn't actually make mom jeans; which I thought they did. (In all honesty, I didn't think his jeans (Levis) were all that bad, simply ill-fitting, but then again I'm not much for high fashion.) Photo above Courtesy of NY Mag, and the tip came courtesy of @SwissMiss and @JuliaHoffman.

Here's the ad:
And their 'placement' during the Early Show:

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