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262. Ad of the Week: Victoria Brewery

You have to love a campaign that launches "before the first ball of the Ashes Cricket series against England." Victoria Brewery (VB as it is better known) just released a fun long-format spot around the question, What banner do you march under? Developed by Droga5 - Sydney, the spot features a long parade of 'regular guys' literally marching under banners for the things they have taken a stand on or for the things in their lives that define who they are. Strategically it's a somewhat typical 'boys will be boys' approach — common with breweries — only sans girls in bikinis. (Though there might be a girl in a bikini somewhere if you look closely.) However, the creative approach and large-scale production give the launch spot enough interest to keep you watching and deciding which, if any, banner you march under. The campaign also includes a new website where you can upload your photo under your particular banner. I will post the video below as a follow-up.

Part of the fun for those of us on this side of the pond is figuring out a few of them as the vernacular doesn't exactly translate. For instance, I'm not quite sure how one Chucks a Sickie or what a Cashed up Bogan is but I do know men who don't read instructions (ahem) and I know what manscaping includes. One reason I like this launch spot is the thought that went behind the banners and their graphic simplicity. I would love to have concepted and designed a few of my own. (And maybe I will for kicks.)

I do hope that eventually they will expand the participation that consumers can have with this concept, perhaps giving the public the opportunity to create an online world full of gangs that carry flags of their own making. This might actually be an chance to do something with facebook that makes sense instead of the usual 'let's make a facebook page' garbage. I can see trying to get my friends to join my banner, "Men who have been in touch with their feelings but regret it." or "Blokes who have been in an actual bar brawl." And maybe I win some free stuff if my horde gets large enough. Ah, I’m giving away ideas here, so I should stop. Anyway, fun work from abroad with potential for creativity and connectivity with the masses.

According to Campaign Brief, "there will be print, radio, outdoor, on line and "The Regulars" will be brought to life in store through point of sale and refreshed packaging."

Incidentally, yes I have had my arm in a cow though I'm not sure if that is my defining banner.

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