263. The Art of Presenting 9 — Ernie Schenck.
Jul 8, 2009 at 10:47AM
I am very pleased to announce — after much delay on my part — the 9th installment of The Art of Presenting. Ernie Schenck, Executive Vice President / Creative Director at Hill Holliday, has graciously given his time and expertise on the subject of presenting. Ernie is an extremely talented industry leader and since his longtime blog is unfortunately being put on hold, this might satiate those who find him as insightful as I do.

Ernie is responsible for some of my favorite work, not the least of which is a recent campaign for Liberty Mutual. It's difficult to make a large insurance company feel human, or just bigger than a place to get a policy, but this campaign did just that. It takes a stand on responsibility and I like it. Here's a link to one of the spots. You should also give his book a read. Thanks Ernie!

Feel free to download The Art of Presenting #9. Just be kind and link/credit Graphicology.

(In the spirit of full disclusure, I work within the same agency network as Ernie.)

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