269. The Tale of How Book & Prints.
Sep 28, 2009 at 11:54AM

This is gorgeous stuff, this project by The Black Heart Gang out of Cape Town. Called, The Tale of How, it is a beautiful animation about "...a giant octupus whose desire is to consume every dodo resembling bird there is in sight, until Eddy the Engineer — a little white mouse — saves the day." The artwork seems to have a Japanese or at least Asian vibe with a modern and occasionally dark touch and is stunning storytelling.

Here's the original animation:

Even more impressive are the prints and coffee table book of the project they've just released for sale. I think the prints capture all the detail that tends to whiz by when in motion. They are definitely my favorite part and worth studying. It's hard to pin down exactly who is responsible for what, but I believe the animation and still work was by Jannes Hendrikz and Ree Treweek, the principals at Black Heart. You can order the book of stills with the original animation included on a DVD for about $40, and soon you'll be able to order single prints.

Sample Set of Prints:

The Black Heart Gang is a commercial director group / sound house doing work for several big agencies. From the tone of their site they are just as fanciful as their work. In the states they are represented by Duck Studios. (Who by the way were kind enough to send me a couple personalized reels for my forthcoming Title Design Show.) To get a better idea of their aesthetic, take a look at a United Airlines spot they produced called Sea Orchestra. Keep an eye out for more of their stuff.

United Airways Sea Orchestra:

Sea Orchestra from Shy the Sun on Vimeo.

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