282. Ad of the Week: Pump Energy Food.
Jan 19, 2010 at 02:22AM
It's a rare treat to be entertained and convinced at the same time, to be laughing and pondering while watching the same thing - especially an ad. But the most recent viral/spot by Pump Energy Foods in NYC managed to prove a point while winking at you the whole time. Pump describes the production of this video as silly but I think they've managed to produce something that is far more powerful than other, larger and better-funded companies in the health food market. They call it simply, Sans Crap.

Pump is simply saying that you shouldn't be eating all the crap out there and that they provide a healthy alternative for lunch and breakfast that doesn't have all the, well, crap in it. "Everything here is good for you. Tastes good, too. We make everything from scratch, every day. We start with fresh, unprocessed whole foods, then we get down to details. We make all of our own sauces and dressings each morning and use only fresh-squeezed juices and herbs. We even bake (not fry) our own chips. The same awesome people that serve your food are the ones who make it every day. Wonder how something’s prepared? Just ask."

The spot works more like a series of satirical print ads (that move a bit) hard-selling some of the stuff we eat everyday that is presented as healthy but may ultimately not be. Every frame & scene is packed with fun little details that make you laugh and cringe at the same time. And to be properly appreciated you have to look at the stills below. The art direction and prop design is pitch-perfect. This is how you do viral. Not this. (View the full-video at the end of the post.) In short, I love it. And I'll be having an apple sans crap for lunch. It appears that the folks over at Dark Igloo were responsible for making this come to life as well as a good client. (Be sure to check out Dark Igloo's mind expanding pdf on their site.)

Still Images From Sans Crap
I think I've eaten this cereal before.
Healthy Sugars and other faux-USDA graphics.
Spray and roll-on crap.
You should hear how they pronounce acai, the hot food of today.
I might be guilty of doing this to my veggies.
This is a direct rip of a Hardee's spot I just know it.
Nothing is safe from satire, even Syrup. Which is really just high-fructose corn syrup usually.
Starbucks breakfasts with all the added goodies. Yum.
High-rolling with a microwave meal.
My favorite little surprise in this storytelling. Purple.

The Full Sans Crap Video

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