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316. Your Second Shot by Canon.

It's rare that an online campaign manages to not only be interesting but also has a strong tie back to a product and its benefit. That's really the sweet spot between agency and advertiser that is seldom hit; usually the solutions are too crazy / gratuitously weird or the opposite, boring and cliche.

I stumbled upon a clever little site that manages to strike that balance — an online campaign by Canon called, Your Second Shot. It's not a complicated idea at all: giving people a second attempt to shoot a photograph that turned out to be less than perfect because of bad lighting. On the site you'll be able to watch background stories about the missed shot and how the photographer (and subject) were redeemed by the hero, a line of cameras made with low-light technology built-in. (Something Canan calls the HS System.) My only hope is that not all the stories feature people that could be models and are more 'everyday' than the first two.

The site was just launched and most of the missed shots are 'coming soon' but I thought this simple solution was warm, charming and totally communicates something for the client too. I'm sure these stories will be cut-down to :30 television spots (and they should/could be); but it's the details in the longer formats that make the second shot worth getting; and watching. You can also submit your own photo and win a chance to have a second shot at capturing the moment.

I'd post one of the videos, but currently they don't give you an option to embed. Tssk, tssk. So go to the site link above if you are so inclined.

I know that Dentsu America does a lot of work for Canon, though I'm not sure if they partnered up with a digtal shop to produce this effort. I do know that I think it's a nice piece of storytelling and a really simple idea that works. It probably won't win a Gold Lion or anything, but it's the type of work that will go under the radar and still work for camera company.

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