317. Nike's and LeBron's Answer.
Oct 25, 2010 at 06:11PM

So, we knew this was coming; Nike and LeBron's answer to The Decision. Nike just released "Rise" for the upcoming NBA season. The great thing about this spot is that it actually deals with the problem and doesn't run away from reality. I'm not so sure it's going to make any Cleveland fan feel better (because they'll just be answering "Yes, my God, Yes!" throughout the whole thing,) but it does feel like it actually comes more from the player than the company. Even though it probably didn't. 

Storytelling-wise it feels a lot like Nike's World Cup 'Write the Future' campaign; with the edits and effects; but this isn't a bad thing either. The commercial is definitely an answer to the swirl of bad publicity and second-guessing around James (a lot of it his fault, in my opinion). Not everyone will like the answer - in the form of a lot of questions - but at least they tried to address it. And they managed to do it with more charm than we usually see from both parties.

I will say that no matter how little awareness The Decision demonstrated on behalf of everyone involved, it will have a dramatic and positive effect on the bottom line of James, Nike, the NBA, and the Miami Heat because those games are the hot ticket and the buzz around a new season has never been this loud. I just wished they would have handled it all with a bit more class; because you can't buy that with loads of cash.

Nike / LeBron - "Rise":

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