321. Ralph Lauren's 4D Fashion Show.
Nov 13, 2010 at 02:30PM

This past Wednesday Ralph Lauren put on a little light show at their (or his) Madison Avenue Flagship location. This light projection medium is certainly the visual du jour; but this is the best one that I have seen and as such it gets a place on the blog. The medium turns a normal product launch / fashion show into something much more engaging. The only fault that I see is that the show slows down quite a bit when an actual product is displayed. The products literally bring the pace to a halt, but it's still a pretty cool show especially for those that could see it in person. (RL called it a 4-D event as mists and breezes (along with sound) were sent out over the crowd periodically.)

And probably making for even better viewing - the behind the scenes process used to produce such a cool show.

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