287. The Super Bowl Logo for 2011 & Beyond.
Feb 7, 2010 at 01:37AM

I have to admit this announcement makes me sad. On Friday, ESPN reported that The North Texas Super Bowl Committee and the NFL unveiled the logo for Super Bowl XLV, which will be the basis for all future Super Bowls. The only thing that will change from year to year is the stadium rendered in the background and of course the roman numerals. This is sad from a design critique perspective as it's great fun every year to analyze the new logo for next year's game and talk about its merits and shortcomings, the designers and their approach. It's a high-profile project that is a joy to watch unfold on an annual basis. Just a few days ago Brand New posted an article on this year's design with further insights by design firm Attik. It's a fun read and we designers all chime in with glee about what we like and dislike. Admittedly, this has little merit outside of design circles but it was all part of the fun of the big game.

Now, we're going to know not just what we'll see for next year's logo but for the foreseeable future, the logo will remain unchanged. Gone will be all the attempts at adding flair from the host city. Gone will be the sometimes hilarious design motifs. And gone will be the crazy color schemes. Although not always high design all of these elements will be missed. (See the all the previous SB logos here.) I can totally understand why the NFL (one of best managers of brand out there) decided to stick to a template. It gives a permanence and consistency that has been lacking for quite sometime. And it's the logical end to the attempt over the last few years to make the logo more about the NFL than any particular host city. It's simply a smart business move. This is the Super Bowl and this is how it will look.

Here's what we get in terms of art. A prominent, centered metallic-looking Lombardy Trophy. It's well-rendered and crafted to a high-standard, looking a lot like the real deal. We see a lot of sloppy identities, but this is not one of them. The stadium (again it will change from year to year) is also executed in the same style. And as you can see, the Super Bowl words are given an engraved and three-dimensional look and sit atop the similarly-styled roman numerals. The exact location and year are included at the bottom in a sans serif face that matches the Super Bowl text. It's rather handsome given that the logo has to have so many elements in it. The identity has the right feel, a prestigious and important tone which matches the biggest game for the sport. It's solid and proud. The only thing I would do differently is try to eliminate some of the faux-dimensional qualities. I think it would be very handsome and maybe more timely if pulled off in a more 2D quality. However, that's a small qualm and it could be argued that there is nothing wrong with the new Super Bowl identity at all.

However, that won't stop me from missing all the design-nerd discussions that allowed a few mouse-pushers to feel more a part of the game each year.

Your Super Bowl Logo for 2011 and Beyond (click for larger view):

Update on Feb 7, 2010 at 07:20AM by Registered Commenterjj

Well, I dug around long enough until I found out who was behind the new Super Bowl Identity. My hunch was confirmed when I came across this post on Landor's job. Again, this is a nice, solid, appropriate solution for the NFL.

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