295. Ad of The Week: Sherwin-Williams.
May 26, 2010 at 04:07PM
Regular readers know that I enjoy ambitious creative more than any other kind. The type that takes awhile and demands attention to detail and time. Lots and lots of time. NC-based agency McKinney recently produced a spot for paint manufacturer/retailer Sherwin-Williams that fits that description.

The agency teamed up with the motion-graphics gurus at Buck (check out their reel, it rocks) to explore a world of color using the company's swatches as the medium. The result immerses the viewer into a new world of color and dimension and would work extremely well on the big screen it's that good. The concept is pretty simple but the execution demands a second or third look.

Stills from Paint Chips:

Paint Chips is the first of a multi-spot campaign that also includes print, online, rich media, the obligatory iphone app and perhaps some outdoor. If I have one gripe is that I think the print falls a bit short compared to the craftsmanship apparent in the spot. The paper craft is fine, I just think it lacks the motion and scale that works so well when set in video. I would also like to see their entire website take on this look, but who knows that could always be in the works as a good campaign can take a year, sometimes more, to fully develop across all mediums. I also think this campaign is in a pretty tough category and give credit to the client for buying into something beyond the usual couple-painting-the-living-room scenario. Also to their credit, they allowed the style to carry into the title card at the end. A nice touch.

Paint Chip Title Card Still:

The Paint Chips Spot

The second spot in this campaign, Bees, carries the idea further and is simply gorgeous.

Stills From Bees

The Bees Spot

Credits on the spots include:

Directed By: Buck
Production House: Buck NY
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Kate Treacy
Producer: Kevin Hall
Lead Art Director: Ben Langsfeld
Art Director: Joshua Harvey
Design: Ben Langsfeld, Joshua Harvey
Storyboards: Pete McDonald
CG Supervisor: Joshua Harvey
3D Modeling: Arvid Volz, David Soto
3D Animation: Joshua Harvey, Pete Hamilton, Chris Hendryx, Arvid Volz
3D Character Animation: Jordan Blit
3D Rigging: Lee Wolland
3D Lighting/Shading: Kevin Couture, Lars Holmgren, Chris Hendryx, Hanwei Wu Composite: Daniel Oeffinger, Conrad Ostwald, Joshua Harvey Additional Design: Jon Gorman Agency: McKinney Producer: Josh Eggleston GCD: Ellen Steinberg Copywriter: Jenny Nicholson Art Director: John Hagerty Color Grade: Company 3 Colorist: Tim Masick

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